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    Water is the livelihood of metro Atlanta. We need it to sustain and thrive. Through our efforts, water use has dropped 10 percent despite a one million population increase. To meet future demand, we plan to do more.

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    Access to clean water is important for our safety and vitality. We educate millions on pollution prevention and turn wastewater into clean water, returning 67% of what we use back to its source.

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    Water conservation and pollution prevention are priorities to protect this natural resource that we share with our neighbors downstream. Since 2000, the District saw a 10 percent drop in total water withdrawals despite a population increase of one million people. Our conservation efforts have resulted in lower per capita usage than in Tallahassee, Tampa, Birmingham and Montgomery.

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  • Toilet Rebate Program

    Save Water, Earn Money

    Don’t flush money down the toilet. Replace your high flow toilet with a new WaterSense labeled toilet and receive a $100 rebate. Through this effort more than 91,000 toilets have been replaced with low flow models, saving more than 300,000 gallons of water per day.

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  • My Drop Counts

    Are You Committed to Conservation?

    Everyone must do their part – the public, businesses, and even the government. Learn more about water conservation, calculate your usage, and find out how you can make a difference. Pledge your commitment to save water and explore how others are making sure every drop counts!

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  • 2014 Essay Contest

    Water Quantity vs. Quality

    Critical thinking about water conversation in middle school contributes to lower consumption rates now and in the future. Since 2001, thousands of students have participated in the program, earning recognition and raising community awareness of water conservation and preservation efforts.

    Winners will be notified on November 14th and invited to a recognition event at the State Capitol in December. Learn more

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Water Drop Dash 5K

Race along the Chattahoochee River, and then enjoy giveaways, activities and games at the Family Water Festival. Get a running start and register today